Buffet BC1503-2 "Prestige" Alto Clarinet

The Buffet Crampon Prestige Alto is a high quality clarinet made from grenadilla wood with undercut tone holes. The result is a beautiful tone and quick response. The rich, dark sound of the Buffet Crampon Prestige Contra-Alto Clarinet blends beautifully within a clarinet section.

  • Artisan Series Clarinet
  • Key of Eb
  • Made from Grenadilla Wood
  • Ranged to low Eb
  • Power Forged Keywork
  • Silver-Plated Keys
  • Nineteen keys, Seven Plateau Keys
  • French Boehm Key System
  • Undercut Tone Holes
  • .689 inch Bore Size

Buffet BC1503-2 "Prestige" Alto Clarinet
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  • Item #: BC1503-2
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