Charles Bay H1 Artist Model Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

All artist model mouthpieces are meticulously made by Charles Bay and Jonathan Bay. Each one is individually hand-crafted, voiced, tuned and finished. It is then uncompromisingly play-tested in our workshop. Our mouthpieces are internationally renowned for the ability to
project one’s unique sound whether Classical or Jazz. Free-blowing, ease of articulation, intonational reliability and blending characterize all Bay mouthpieces.

Charles Bay & Jonathan Bay
Artist Model - H1

Kaspar (C/C) Chamber design with considerable depth and
concavity appearing at convergence of chamber and backbore.
German hard rubber, 440 pitch only.
Options: Black, Brown, Duckbill, or Traditional Beak

Charles Bay H1 Artist Model Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece
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