J & D Hite Bb clarinet mouthpiece, Model D

Facing: Medium length, .041" tip


Our "D" model mouthpiece is the original (ca. 1980) HITE interior design which is closely aligned with the traditional classic orchestral facing. The mouthpiece balances well with a Vandoren No. 4 or Vandoren V-12 No. 3½ reed (or comparable). Compared to the "M41" model which has the identical facing, the "D" internal dimensions tend to produce a darker, rounder tonal character.

The balance of carefully designed and produced dimensions and facings gives J & D HITE mouthpieces their extreme flexibility, superior intonation patterns and comfort throughout the entire range of the instrument, at all dynamic levels. Many years of consultation with the worlds most respected clarinetists have influenced their design and performance standards. 

  • J & D HITE professional clarinet mouthpieces are made of the finest vulcanized rubber, moulded on our custom designed, personally finished cores. 
  • HITE mouthpieces are rough faced using our personally crafted facing cams, then are personally hand faced and finished by Jean and David Hite. 
  • Each HITE mouthpiece is carefully play-tested and micro-adjusted to the highest performance standards.
J & D Hite Bb clarinet mouthpiece, Model D
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  • Item #: DH121D
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